Sunday, February 10, 2013

extra large snowflakes and highest platform in the world

Ryan and I took off for a few days to the city we fell in love in.
Chicago, that is.
Arriving there always feels...right.
I don't know how to describe it, except that we feel so at home there... something we have yet to feel in our current place of residency. 
Maybe it's because of the familiarity of the city,  maybe it's because we have family there.
It's just always so right returning to chicago.

It was such a treat to go back this time around, because we got the chance to stay with Ryan's sister, Katie and my little sister, Ashley, traveled up with some of her youth group.
We got to see and spend time with both of them - such a treat and so refreshing.
My little sister, Ashley, is going to be a student at Moody Bible Institute this fall. She's already been accepted, and she got the chance to visit the school and see us this week.

We also went back during Moody's Founder's Week Conference. 
a week full of incredible speakers and worship teams.
It's like drinking from a fire much spiritual enrichment and's a little overwheleming.
It was our first time getting back to our school as alumni, so it was pretty special seeing our college.

As we walked through the city with Katie, Ashley, and one of her besties, Arianna, we kept reminiscing back to when we were dating and falling in love in that beautiful city.
not to mention, Founders week is also the week Ryan asked me out for the very first time;) 
(I said no...but said yes, later on.)

Okay, so on to pics.
We did alot of eating, shopping, and traveling on foot, el, and bus. 
We took the girls up to the Sears (now Willis) Tower, and took tons of pics in the glass platform room. 
All the while, it was snowing like crazy, which in Chicago, makes everything more magical and fun.

Here's one of our fave lunch places: Go Roma...with Margharita Pizza and crunchy potato stick fries.
 The water tower has a bunch of new stores since the last time we were there. 
Water Tower is my all time favorite place to shop. 
The Lego store is a new addition, so i took pics of the lego chicago:)

Here we are at the Willis Tower. 
We hadn't ever gone up to the 103rd floor, so it was new for us too!:)
I rarely have a problem with heights, but stepping out onto the glass platform was pretty intimidating! 
I tried attempting a handstand on to scared and just imagined my legs hitting the glass wall, going right through, and falling...
Arianna did it though! and she didn't fall through;)

 Big BOWL....hit the spot after all the walking we did.
One of our best choices of dinner stops on this trip.
Forgot how good it was.

 And Founders Week Conference...Thursday night session with Tony Evans.
The balcony audience started a wave that kept going around and around in slow motion and fast and normal was great! and a first for moody's founders week.

and this was just day one.

More later on!:)

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aw, loved all of these pictures!!!! can't wait to see more. :)