Monday, January 7, 2013

Gamboa Christmas 1 & 2

Ryan and I made it on the last flight out to Savannah.
We actually missed our connecting flight in Atlanta because our flight out of Wichita was late and we were planning on staying the night in Atlanta (courtesy of Delta airlines...we got the hotel vouchers, reimbursement vouchers, and food vouchers:))
After enjoying a relaxing meal in Chili's in the airport, we thought we'd check the stand by status for the last flight out...after waiting quite awhile, we were the last two called for the flight and by midnight Thursday night, we were in SAvannah hugging my family and talking excitedly on the way home to Beaufort.

This little guy is always a welcome sight when I come my little brother, Peyton.
So, even though we got home at around 1:30 in the morning, we were so hyped up and excited about being together (Minus our big sister Ilene, who recently got married [eloped to Maui!] and was with her new hubby in Atlanta), so we decided to open Christmas presents to one another.

Look at the top left's one of my favorite pictures ever-i love seeing mom and dad laugh, and love that I caught it on camera. Makes me so happy. Clothes, giftcards, an Xbox 360, biking equipment, and a 3/4 guitar later, we were just so happy to be back together. 
Ashley, Ryan, Peyton, and I stayed up til an hour I haven't reached since college days, and then crashed and slept in in my own bed.
Life at home is great.

Later the next day, we were grocery shopping with our mom, when my my big sister and her new hubby turned a corner and surprised us. Needless to say, the entire commissary (military grocery store) thought we were being assualted or something when we let out screams of excitement. After reassuring the staring bystanders that we were fine, we jumped on Ilene and her hubby (his name is Ryan too) and were thrilled with their surprise. They stayed a few days and joined us til New Years Day.
We had them open their Christmas presents after dinner, which was fun all over again to give and recieve gifts. It was our first Christmas with [ilene's] Ryan, so that was kinda fun having a new family member! 
 There's something different and wonderful about returning home to my family. 
Maybe it's mom and dad's distinct and wonderful hospitality.
Maybe it's the laughter and conversation that never seems to end, whether it's early morning or late at night.
Maybe it's the silliness that my sisters and I bring when we're all together.
Whatever it is that makes being home with my family different than anywhere else in the world, makes coming home just that. much. better.

And this is only the first of the picture posts with my family.
Merry Christmas from the Gamboa side!

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