Saturday, January 12, 2013

Family FOTO 2013

Every year, we seem to have an addition to our annual family photo. A pet, a child, or a spouse.
This year, we welcomed my sister's husband, Ryan, to our family. 
But of course, family pictures don't go without glitches.
This year, our dog decided he didn't need to be a part of the family picture. He was constantly wriggling, running, and desperately trying to get back into the house. 
I usually am the one that wrestles him into the family pic, but supposedly as a prego woman, i'm not supposed to lift more than like 15 pounds.

By the last couple shots, I was like, "whatever, i'm grabbing him!"
And here we are...blooper pics, funky pics, and some of the better shots;) 

Next year, we'll have another addition to our family photo. 
Baby BB will be in the pic with us next year! 


Ashley said...

LOVE this Kristine!! So happy for you and your family and all the good things that happened this year....husbands, much goodness!

Jessica said...

omgosh. these are so great. I LOVE them. you have beautiful family members and that is so funny that your dog tries to get out of the pictures. My dog loves pictures. or at least I hope he does. I hope you are feeling okay and that you aren't too sick. are you going to find out the gender of your baby?