Tuesday, January 15, 2013

overview through iphone pics

Here are the last of my Christmas posts.
I've been a little homesick, wishing i were in SC with my family, so I started flipping through my pics on my iphone and reminiscing about life in the south.

We met my little sister's new man in her life. apparently, Taylor Swift has given up on Harry, so Ashley was there to comforting his broken heart. So much so that we got to meet him on this trip. Ryan was feeling pretty protective of Ashley, which explains the snarl on his face. 
So little unknown fact about my family and i - we like video games. in fact, i have pics as a toddler playing the Super Mario on the first nintendo system. Now, my parents did a great job of limiting our video game time (we could only play on weekends or days with no school) and they kept us really active both physically and mentally, so we weren't couch potatoes that ate junk food all day.
Having said that, we always enjoy some kind of interactive video game. Each year, we seem to have a different one. One year it was guitar hero, Beatles rock band, Just Dance 2, 3, and this year 4. But added to that, we've played alot of Xbox Kinect (Marvels Avengers-fighting as Thor or Iron Man, heck yeah!) as well as going old school with some Galaga late into the nights. we battled in Galaga every night, which is something we used to do back when I was in high school too.
Here are sibling shots. 
snuggling with Pey.
silly faces with ash.
going out for Fro-yo.
getting ready in the bathroom together.
freaking out about the first episode of walking dead. (but now, Ryan and I are HOOKED onto the show...the suspense is killing me.)
 You've heard me talk about mom's cooking.
Thing is, it's not just her cooking that's amazing...it's the atmosphere she creates when we all sit down to enjoy a meal together.
It just brings us all together to sit down and talk, laugh, and enjoy good food.
Best parts of the day is when we're gathered around the table.
Some of our best childhood memories is sitting at the table with the family.
 Eating out pics.
the options of places to eat in storm lake pretty much suck, so when we leave town, we always enjoy other food experiences. 
 and lastly, our airport pics...
we always sit and wait til the very last second that we can stay together, before going through security.
We always grab coffee or something to eat while we're there waiting, and then we take these last shots.
I love flying into or out of Savannah. It's my favorite little airport.
Whenever I land there I feel like I'm home.
Whenever I fly out of there, it's just not as depressing as leaving from Charleston (i think the bright lights and big glass windows help).

 and there ya go...
the last of the pics from the trip home.
Can't wait til we go back.
I'm ready to go ASAP;)

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