Sunday, January 6, 2013

Christmas memories with the Brandenbergers

Christmas eve with the Brandenbergers always involve these things:
-a Little bit of last minute shopping (running to the grocery store, last minute presents, stocking stuffers, etc...)
-Driving around to Christmas music and looking at Christmas lights
-Tv shows (Home Improvement marathon!)
-Christmas movies
-Christmas cookies and fudge (Ryan's FAVORITE baked goods:) His mom's got the best sugar cookies ever...)
-Pictures (of course! Pajama pictures!)

This was Alexio's first Christmas, so we got him his first pajamas-a onsies with a butt pocket and buttons and everything...we loved it, he thought it was a punishment. Notice how mopey and sad he looks in all the pictures. We thought he was quite charming and snuggly in his pajamas:) 
Christmas day was a relaxing day of opening presents, traditional Christmas dinner, playing with Alexio, and watching tv shows and movies.
Most importantly, we just enjoyed being together as a family and tried to cherish the time that we had.
 Whenever we go back to Kansas, we can always expect relaxation. It's a cozy warm atmosphere, and coffee and creamer is always a part of the picture (unfortunately, i couldn't drink it this year!). We always find time to tackle a mall and shop together, and grabbing dinner out is always such a treat. We can always expect to laugh over games or over Katie and Ryan's comments or movie impressions. It's an outlet for the stress, whether, physical or emotional or mental, we can expect to let it go and just relax and enjoy the time as a family.

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