Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Each time we go home, we always have a night of grilling steaks, chicken, shrimp, veggies, etc...
usually we use dad's big propane grill, but we wanted to introduce him to the significant taste of charcoal grilling - which, is by far, better than any other kind of grilling. The taste of smoke and charcoal and mesquite...mmmm...amazing. Our friends gave us their grill and we went at it.

We always just hang out back while the guys cook. Ashley brought out her guitar and serenaded us with song as we tried to sing along. Dad always provides coffee all around...usually, it's one of my favorite parts of grilling outside, but this year I had to pass, since I've given up caffeine throughout my pregnancy.
 Inside, it was craziness as everyone was running around getting things ready to eat. So loud, hilarious, and fun. [ilene's]Ryan grilled corn with parmesan cheese and chili powder and butter, and we enjoyed some before dinner (just to make sure it tasted great;)).
With all the talking, craziness with everyone moving around, and dancing and laughing, we sat down at the table and there was silence, except for mmm's and wows...the only time there's silence at our dinner table is when the food is DE-LI-CIOUS. and it WAS.
Oh, i can't wait to grill with the family again. 
It's always such a wonderful time.

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ilene @ muchloveilly said...

I looooooove your grilling posts!!! ;)