Tuesday, June 14, 2011

the theme: Relaxation and Rejuvanation

 Last week for my 24th birthday, my husband gave me a full day of rest and relaxation.
Can you believe it? This girl hit 24! 

[7th birthday]

We stayed home ALONE all morning, and then he drove me to get an hour massage at Aveda Salon and Spa...can i say, heavenly??
After it, we enjoyed some us time and then he cooked me a fabulous dinner of steak with a red wine and butter sauce, season asparagus, fruit salad, and seafood avocados. 
It was super delicious.

But the biggest celebration of my birthday was my husband's surprise to take me home to SC for a week with my family.

Yep. after the past few weeks, it's just what we both needed.

So here we go: our first day back home in gorgeous SC.

Isn't this a beautiful sight? I love seeing my man slow down and relax. it doesn't happen often.:)

and of course, i love getting to see my lil guy, my brother, my sweet dog, Peyton.
He's been so full of hugs and kisses while I've been home.

so yes, if you've been wondering why I've been MIA, it's this reason. 
I've turned off my cell phone.
I'm cherishing the time with my husband at home with my family.
Getting refreshed in SC is working...

it's definitely been good for our souls.

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