Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Lakeside view

Now, let me start off my telling ya'll, that Ryan and I usually don't get the privilege of looking out at the lake because, well, we don't live anywhere near the lake
On Monday, our street looked like this:
and when a car attempted to get through it, a huge wave came towards the house. 
a WAVE. 
I never thought we'd see a wave in front of our house before!!! 
lol, ryan and i laughed a long time about that. I was mesmerized by all the water in front of the house and he was like, "run! the wave is coming!!" in the midst of everything, we were still able to lighten the mood.

Now after last's year's predicament, which you can read and look back on HERE, we were determined not to let it happen again. Last summer, we had to throw pretty much everything we owned away.

So, instead, this time, we shut off the water in the house. 
Then it seeped through.
and started coming up EVERYWHERE. 
the shower.
the toilet.
the pump.
the walls.
and it came fast.
We kept running back and forth, filling up buckets, throwing the water outside, back and forth, up the stairs and down the stairs.

the water kept coming til about noon the next day.
We stayed up ALL night trying to avoid catastrophe like last year. 
And we did it! My husband is amazing. and wow, oh so strong. I think his biceps got larger over night because of all the lifting buckets that he did all night.

but, guess what? as exhausted as we were and frustrated that this all happened again, we avoided losing everything again! If we had gone to bed and not been up doing homework, we would have been in the same situation last year. 
Our landlord is pretty amazing. He worked around the clock with us. He was here when we were rushing to get water out. He helped all night and all day to help with the water. we feel pretty blessed to have such a great landlord.

well, even with all that that happened. we feel blessed.
pray for the rest of storm lake though. many peoples homes flooded and things were lost. Our town could use your prayers!

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