Thursday, June 30, 2011

riding in the car with my head out and my tongue sticking out...

It finally feels like summer is starting to take place here in Storm Lake.
When it's summer, i like it hot. like hot, HOT.
it's getting there! today's sunshine was the perfect motivation to get out and get lots of errands done!

What are some of your wishes this year?
We have a couple. Actually, we're really just praying more and more about things.
One is a house. We're really praying that something will open up soon in the near future. 
something above ground.:) 
with BIG windows that let's in sunlight. 
(I know, i know, can't be too picky, but hey, that's the ONE thing that i hope for!:)) 

Another is that when we get settled in a house is that we'll soon after get kiddos to join our family.
can't wait.
we're already praying for you, kids, whomever you are!

We enjoyed the late evening after a full day's work, at a baseball game. 
Our dear friend, Deeanna provided us with suckers during the game! 
i love blow-pops.
 and at the game, i had a pleasant surprise!
I got to see my dear friend, Molly! 
We had a nice chat and talk about our summer a little bit. 
It was SO nice to see her!

it was a wonderful way to end a productive day. 
I feel blessed when I get alot done.

happy sunshine day!

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