Saturday, June 18, 2011

southern beaches...yeah, i know you wanna join us.

I think I took the beautiful views of white sands and blue, green, and gray waters for granted my life growing up in Coastal Carolina.
Cuz I come back, bury my toes in the sand, smell the salt water, and feel the hot sun on my skin and face, and my heart wants to jump out of my chest from happiness. 
Being home just makes me wanna jump for joy.

 I love the familiar feeling of being in the water and feeling the smooth sand and sand dollars under my feet. 
It's always fun having my husband in my hometown with me and my family. He has new experiences and happenings each time he's here. This time, he got his first jelly fish sting!!
He's tough. He dealt with it well...especially when we talked through who would pee on it.
Just kidding! No one did!!

i love this time with my family.
oh please let this last much longer...

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