Sunday, June 26, 2011

colorful moments

[sitting, talking, and eating with kids and talking about their summer over meals]

[seeing three kids come to know the Lord-angels in heaven are rejoicing! so are we!:)]

[creepy little pinata boy waiting to get ripped apart by children chanting, "candy. candy. CANDY!"]

[a sweet little pinata wondering why she's hanging in the air waiting to get hit!]

[little guy with big muscles breaking open the pinata.]

some other things this past week:

-spent most of my time elevating and icing my toe - i only have another week to get this lil guy i'm babying it as much as i can. It's given me a nice chance to relax and read! 

-speaking of reading, i've been reading  The Hunger Games series...oh. EM. Gee. They are so good. Every spare moment I have, I've been picking up these books. I can't wait for the movie to come out next  year!

- Ryan and I have only one week left of fostering class...and then it's off to interviews and getting ready for a little person to join our family! 

I hear thunder rolling outside...which is a rare things to hear in my home since we live in a basement apartment-so it's a treat to get to hear a thunderstorm start! I'm going to enjoy the coziness of home with just me and my hubby!

Have a cozy Sunday Evening!


the bays said...

Fostering class? SO exciting, Kristine! I'll definitely be praying for your little family as it expands! can totally see you doing that and loving it!

Maria @ The Trochelmans said...

Those pinatas are hilarious! :) PS-good luck with your garden!