Saturday, June 25, 2011

CHECK: another on the bucket list complete:)

God gave us a patch of land of a squatter garden here in town! 
Ryan and I are hardly gardeners, but we were thrilled for the opportunity to start a garden:). 
We were told that it was "a gift from the city," for Ryan being a pastor and us working with kids. 
Interesting and out of the blue...and such a fun blessing!

We cultivated the ground and for the first time ever, I used a hoe.
I never knew how rich the soil was here in Iowa! It's so dark and rich. 

We're planting beans, zuchini, strawberries, cucumbers, and all sorts of peppers.
It's kinda late to be starting to plant, but we're still hoping that something will come up from it.:)

 Someone advised us that we should get some plants that have already started and just plant those in the ground, so we raided the garden section.

Didn't expect this to be completed so soon on our bucket list!
But it is!
Now, we just have to watch and see if anything grows (because we're starting late in planting our seeds-about a month behind.)

Pretty sweet, huh? Can't wait to eat garden fresh veggies:)

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