Tuesday, November 30, 2010

no touching please!

 I grew up with the rule in my home, "No touching the presents under the tree!" No one was allowed to touch the presents except for mom-the person who wrapped all of the presents! It made the wrapped packages under the tree seem even more suspenseful and more exciting as we tried to guess what each thing was.

Now, it's our turn. We have the same rule for Ryan and I...if you aren't the person who wrapped it; there is no touching under the tree! 
This weekend after the delightful weekend in Kansas with Ryan's family, we spent a peaceful Sunday afternoon with Deeana, LIttle Ceasers pizza, "The Santa Clause" movie, and putting up a Christmas tree.  There was even a little elf that came with the tree!

Deeana was a JOY to have as we put the tree up-it was so fun exchanging Christmas stories with her-she makes Ryan and I laugh so hard.
while my husband sat with his little elf hat and the SAnta Clause playing on the TV, he was a little distracted with it, so Deeana helped me put the lights on the tree...good thing too, because i was confused!
we thought some tree pictures were appropriate to record since we had such fun putting up the tree. We ended up just looking like impatient little kids waiting for Christmas morning to come.

The Santa Clause movie (one of my most favorite Christmas movies) played in the background as we put up the tree...they were both intrigued by the thought of Santa Clause;)

Oh, and it's a good thing we have that rule that no one can touch the gifts under the tree. Having the wrapped packages and knoing the names were written someone on the packages drove Damian crazy. So he twisted and turned all underneath the tree trying to find his name on the gifts. He cracked us up, because definitely didn't touch the presents, but he totally went all around them to find his presents!
[see the little feet buried in the tree? I caught a picture on my phone before he bounded away;))
our tree provided us with lots of entertainment and beauty to our living room. I'm so excited for this Christmas!

p.s. got any sweet Christmas decor up? I need some tips on some good Christmas deocrations. Follow me on the right hand side and I'll come visit your blog!! 

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