Sunday, November 21, 2010

today i am thankful for

 1. my husband looking spiffy in a tie. (thanks, God-you created such a handsome man:))
2. little guys trying to dance and sing like justin bieber, but not succeeding; its just so funny to watch. (hearing them laugh is a joy, God, thank you!)
3. pretty presentation of food, provided and presented by a teenage with a caring heart- and he doesn't even realize that the food is actually feeding teens that come who doesn't get a meal everyday and that these snacks are a blessing to those hungry teens. Thanks for him, God.

 4. being asked a big favor from a teenage girl that's hard to read and relate to for many; and that favor being a request to be picked up whenever Ryan and I go to church. Wow, God.
5. being there the very first moment an 8 year old discovers what pomade and hairspray can do to you hair-and watching him for half an hour be amazed with the different looks he could come up with. hee, hee.

6. the turkey adventure Ryan and I have wrestled with throughout the night to get a turkey prepared and cooked for our church's Thanksgiving dinner. What was it that i pulled out of the turkey's cavity?!
7. looking back thru the memories from the past year, and being in utter amazement with what God has worked on and done in such a short amount of time. 
God is so good. All the time.
All the time. God is good.

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ilene @ muchloveilly said...

aw that picture of ryan is a good one! can't wait to see you both!!

also that last picture is too cute. the discovery of hairspray. awesome!