Monday, November 22, 2010

sprinkles are back again.

last year, i went sugar cookie decorating crazy. it begins again this year; but this time with more help!
Damian helped me out by rolling out the dough and cutting it out. 
after he was done with that, i turned around to put the cookies in the oven, and then looked back at him. He had plopped down on the floor and happily stuck his arms all the way into my flour. 
"ooooh, i love the way this feels!!!!!" 
the picture was too cute too resist taking it.
decorating the cookies was fun, because it turns out, we have quite the artists around.
Randy's cookies always looked so professional and pretty. Ryan really just decorated the cookies so he could immediately eat them.

I think Aaron just liked mixing the icing colors together to see what he could make; turns out whatever combination of colored drops you put, it turns into an icky dark-practically-black color. Oh, well, at least it still tastes the same as the pretty one. He really just made us laugh the whole time.
Damian was very careful about what he wanted on his cookies. he helped me make the dough, so that was fun having him there the whole process of the cookie making.
 do these pictures make you want to grab a glass of cold milk and a cookie?

Thanksgiving week this week! 
I am so thankful today that it is Monday; i love mondays!
1. Thankful for our Storm Lake "families" that makes this town such an exciting and fun place to live.
2. food; because it really brings people together over meal time. whether it's decorating cookies or sitting down for dinner, eating times are definitely the time to enjoy:)
3.this week is a short week of work and the we get to drive down to Wichita. I love the drives with my husband because we talk about everything and anything. 

for now, this'll have to do until i get the chance to take more pics and upate ya'll. 
happy monday!

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