Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Settlers of Catan

this is the new favorite in the BB home. Ryan found out just how much the guys love this game and now they are going through a phase of playing the game. They played this game this weekend and now have scheduled playing games for the week.
anyone else out there a Settlers of Catan fan? 
In college, the guys would play this game ALOT. I had gotten Ryan this game for his birthday last year, but we never played it. now it's out and we're enjoying it!

we seem to find new games and go through phases of Always playing it. Card games have been a big thing lately, especially as the weather has limited our outside time:) love card games, brings me back to highschool and college. i love game nights. I love when the tv is off and music is playing, snacks are on the table, and we're just playing and laughing the whole time. Brings a whole different side of cozy evenings:) we're all really competitive, so it makes the challenge of playing the game even better:)

anyone out there up for a game night? come out, play and join us for cider, coffee, hot chocolate, and some evening snacks!


ilene @ muchloveilly said...

i could never get into this game but everyone else loves it.

maybe you guys could bring it home and teach me and ashley!

Carson and Lindsay said...

Wow! I didn't know you played this!
I married a HUGE fan of this game and (even though I thought it was ridiculous at first) find myself REALLY enjoying it too; it's something we registered for, but still haven't gone out and bought. His birthday and Christmas are coming, so we'll be hosting game nights soon too :)