Monday, November 29, 2010

Black Friday-the most fun shopping day of the year:)

Black Friday started at 3 AM for the Brandenbergers.
We left at 4 and started our shopping day with a some Drubers donuts.
i love bakeries that are open at the wee hours of the day.

the seester and i were the only ones that were this pumped about shopping so early in the morning;)

this was only the start of the day:) We spent 13 hours shopping and two hours eating. We were so excited and hyped up from the coffee, sugar, and excitement of shopping. 
we got alot of the Christmas gifts knocked out of the way and have them all wrapped and under our new Christmas tree! (our little old skeleton one drowned in the flood.)

(can i just say that i love that my husband is a pleasant man to shop with?:) in fact, he's one of the best people to shop with-so patient and actually enjoys it along with me. looooove him.:))

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