Saturday, December 11, 2010

catching up...Christmas parties have begun!

My laptop is back to life! so glad too, because I was running behind on some work I had to do...and all of it is on my laptop:). Now, that I have been absent from cyberworld for a week, I have so much to catch ya'll up on!


Christmas parties are starting and here is one of the first. Goodwill and Walmart had a Christmas party for 50 boys and girls. Each child recieved a new pair of shoes, a hat, and a pair of gloves! Not to mention, they provided lots of food for the kids to fill their tummies and games to give out Christmas gifts to the kids!

 [it was really neat, because each child had their shoes labeled with their names. How special is that?!:)]

 santa, mrs. clause, and a peppy little elf even took the time to say hello to the kids. I think for some of the kids, they just loved to sit besides santa. some didn't want to get off his chair!

 there was so much food.  and such wonderful people serving it.

 i have to share a story about this picture. this game is the cakewalk-whatever random number is called, the person standing on it will get a prize. the music they used in the game was a little dancing santa that you had to press and watch it dance, but you could not hear it over all the kids voices-it was so loud in there! so Deeanna and i decided to fix it by singing Christmas songs really the kids singing along with us! It was probably one of the best parts of the night for me.

hope this post makes you smile with all the smiles of the kids that were blessed by it. Thank you to Walmart and Goodwill and to all those that served during it! We were so blessed! 

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