Saturday, November 6, 2010

splendid saturday

It was a late friday night-at a bonfire with Storm Lake highschoolers.
so this morning, it was a grand morning of sleeping in and enjoying the dimness of the bedroom and listening to my husband's quiet breathing.
i made my coffee and drank it in bed today.
i puttered around in my pjs and took my time making a big breakfast for my husband
(the one morning of the week that I can cook a hot breakfast for him).

It was a perfect morning for reflection.
I think back to the week and I'm flooded with thoughts and reactions to what's been happening.
The weeks have been passing by so quickly with so much packed into the days, sometimes I have the time to think about what's happening.

my husband and i went on a sweet date to a fabulous Mexican restaurant.

i recieved my new uggs this week, which i'm pumped about having, since the weather is getting chillier. (my two pairs of uggs drowned in our flood.)

we reformatted ZAOKids, our church's afterschool program. it was crazy. and chaotic. needless to say, i had organized the whole program with a schedule, but in the end, ended up pitching everything aside and just waiting for the end of it to come. praying about next week's ZAOKids. Got lots of work to do on it.

Storm Lake Teens Night this week had FCA join us at the Friesens. it was fun having a bonfire, and watching the teens interact. I loved seeing the students that might not normally be around Christian kids having fun and joining in the activities.

last sunday's trick or treating with the boys was an adventure. I have not trick or treated since i was like 4 years old, after a mishap with a Wonderwoman mask that scared me to death. Scarred me for life, but i enjoyed walking around and seeing all the costumes. jumped a couple times out of fright, but it was still fun.

[notice that they are both sporting Moody Bible Institute hoodies...hehe]

I'm pretty amazed that it's November and we're only hitting the 60's.
I love it, but the moments when there's a weird switch in weather and it gets freezing outside, i long for the beautiful warm weather of Beaufort, SC.

oh, well, guess what? I'm learning more and more and have been this past year that, my home is now where my husband is:). I'm enjoying life with him, and really, am thankful more and more each day with all the things we get to do together. What a blessing he is to me!

i think i'll hit the sheets now, but i'll come back again tomorrow and update you with some pictures of life:) have a great night's rest!

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Becca said...

so sweet and peaceful!