Tuesday, November 23, 2010

OCC results

All these big brown boxes are full of bright colorful shoeboxes full of toys, candies, and school supplies.
1,734 shoeboxes that are heading to Minneapolis to get stuff even fuller, packed into more boxes, and then onto planes overseas to other countries.

These guys, plus Noah, Checko, Marcie, Randy, Wesley, and quite a few of the ZAO kids helped Palmer and Ryan with the Operation Christmas Child of Storm Lake.

[pictures taken from Ryan's phone]

They had so much fun helping out with it. Kinda cool seeing kids and teens serving:-D
1,734 shoeboxes.
1,734 kids that will recieve a Christmas present.
1,734 kids that will hear the gospel...
 hopefully through it maybe evenvone life will come to know Jesus Christ personally! 
and that's only from Storm Lake. 
Thousands and thousands of boxes from all over the United STates are being sent out.

Let's pray that lives will be changed. 
that little ones will find hope and love in Christ! 
Praise God for the loving hearts of the people in Storm Lake!:)

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