Friday, June 25, 2010

yeah, yeah, we all have those moments...

i was flipping through my sister's pics on facebook and found this:


i know, i know...but we all have those moments that were not meant to be caught on camera, frozen in time, and laughed at over and over again.
however, this picture made me laugh out loud when i saw it.
this was two years ago when i was hanging with my lil sis, Ashley and her buddy, Presley.
i was supposed to be the college intern.
and they were supposed to be the kids on the slide.
somehow, my big sis, ( captured me on the slip and slide going backwards.
i guess this picture captures my personality well...
i'm a big kid at heart.
can you tell?


ilene @ muchloveilly said...

HAHA - i laugh everytime i see this pic. there are a few more pics like this either in the albums or on my laptop. we'll need to post those too...

Ohlavallee said...

OMGOSH Kristine I am cracking up at this pic!!!! i love it!!!

How is Iowa?? you should come visit before ilene moves this summer!!!

Kristine said...

sarah! YAY, i'm so happy you're bloggin again!

iowa is actually getting better eachd ay:) i'm enjoying lots of fun ministry opportunities. i want to visit very badly-one day soon i'll be there!