Tuesday, June 1, 2010

food post


summer kinda calls for good healthy food, doesn't it? food posts are always fun for me to look at, so i thought i'd do another one. these pictures makes me happy-because everything is so fresh and refreshing. the salad has been our recent favorite meal because everything there is right out of the garden (except for the cheese:)), hand picked by us or our dear friends, and lean towards the whole organic deal we are pursuing.

the cherries were a pleasant surprise when i went to Fareway, our local grocery store, which has the freshest produce you can find. it was like those little cherries were screaming, "take us home!" So i did not resist and placed them happily in our cart.

the bread and apple butter has been a breakfast favorite for us. and yes, i claim that bread. I made it! from scratch! can you believe it?? i used my dear friend, Dani S's, recipe for homemade bread and it came out beautifully. It's practically all gone because my husband keeps sneaking slices of it throughout the day. it was made to be eaten, and eat it we shall!

with no school during the day, i've gotten the chance to do some baking and cooking. i'm so happy!:) I like feeding my man, and it's always fun to feed others and watch their reaction (pure bliss, utter disgust, etc.) i think i've gotten the joy for cooking and feeding other people from my mom. she's great at feeding people, and i think that's probably her most popular saying, "are you hungry? do you want something to eat? watermelon?"
everyone who goes to my house knows they'll get some pretty good food, if not a whole meal from my mom.
she rocks. i wanna be like her.

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ilene @ muchloveilly said...

love the new banner!

and laughed outloud when i read the watermelon comment. aw, love it.