Friday, June 18, 2010

luxury in a different form

imagine luxury being:
-a free beachball(and pure excitement for that new toy)
-brand new $1.00 flipflops (even getting to pull the tag off of the new pair)
-Lunchables by Oscar Myers (pizza and nachos? cool!)
-a used spongebob t-shirt that someone dropped off
-hugs and reading a picture book on the couch with someone
-finding out that the button on the arm rest on the car door actually lowers and highers the automatic window...and thinking how cool that is
-getting to eat at least one meal a day
-being wrapped up in a warm clean blanket and playing board games on the floor in the evening
- getting a bandaid when your knee is scraped
-a clean t-shirt
imagine all the simplest things of life that we might take for granted...
being a world of luxury for a kid that has none of these things.

reach out to them.
love them.
hug them.
tell them how special they are.
be there for them.
your community might be full of kids that have never known love.
you might be the one to show them what Christ's love looks like.



ilene @ muchloveilly said...

kristine, i LOVED this.
you really are gifted, you know that?
you know how to LOVE kids they way they should be loved. its inspiring.
love ya, sis.

Kristine said...

thanks ate:) love you too. this was encouraging to read!

Anne said...

I love this post. Thanks, Kristine :) Your blog is amazing. I need to learn how to take pictures like you do!!! Miss seeing you this wknd... the kids have been asking about Mrs BB :) Hope you guys had a nice wknd. ttyl,
anne :)