Sunday, June 6, 2010

pizza prayer

wanna hear something cool?
something that only God could do?
it's kinda overwhelming me with how God hears our prayers.
How much He loves us and cares for us. and for others.
and how a heart's desire can be met with prayer.

it all started this morning when the idea of homemade pizza sounded appealing.
however, I'd never made homemade pizza, so i found a recipe that looked good, and went with it, excited to try something new. (for you that don't know, I absolutely love trying new recipes.) it was noon, and the recipes all said that it's best to make the dough ahead of time and then let it wait a few hours or days in the fridge. so to have it ready for dinner, i started
putting the ingredients together, and as always, as I'm working on something, my mind starts to wander, and my heart starts to speak.
[i love my lil flour can. pier 1 for only 5 buckaroos.]

I started thinking about the kids God has laid on my heart this past week, and I started wondering if they were doing ok. There is one particular family of kids that just tugs on my heartstrings with their circumstances and I can't help but pray for them constantly.
As I was kneading the dough with my bare hands, I thought how cool it would be to share pizza making with the kids on my heart. So I prayed about it.

"'d be so neat if you would bring them over tonight for dinner and they can make the pizza with me. it'd be so special if we could share it with them, especially if they haven't eaten yet today. "


as i packed the dough up into greased bowl, and placed it in the fridge to wait a few hours, this prayer to share the pizza kept going through my mind.
After a cozy rainy afternoon indoors, watching Gilmore girls, reading my new book, and checking on my husband frequently (because he was working in our study), we decided to go to the Matinee showing of "Prince of Persia." SOOOOO good. I LOVED it. then again, I love Jake Gyllenhaal! (Ryan wasn't as big of fan, because he'd played the video game and wanted it to be just like wasn't.)

we got home and the sun was out.
*hi sun.* made us happy.
it was dinner time-yes! time to experiment making homemade pizza.

I brought out the dough, and pulled out my pizza stone. I pulled out the rolling pin.
I formed a circle with my hands and rounded off the sides.
then more rolling.
little bit of flour on top.
perfect! i had made a circle! a flat one at that!

stomp. stomp.stomp.

"whoa, way??? did you really--?"

i looked up and peeked through my kitchen window. I saw two heads bobbing up and down by the window.
*tap tap tap.*

i peered through the window and saw a disappearing boy that darted halfway up the steps.
i opened the door.


both of them came in.

"What are you doing?"
"I'm making a pizza. Want to help?"
"Have you had dinner yet?"
"nope, we only ate this morning."

[he helped put the toppings on. turns out he doesn't like alot of cheese on his pizza, but he likes to eat the cheese while making the pizza, all rolled up in the pepperonis:)]
God heard my pizza prayer. how awesome is that?
He always puts me in awe of His glory.
What a great reminder how faithful God is in hearing our prayers...even little pizza prayers.
[our finished masterpiece before it headed into the oven.]


Ilene Joyce Gamboa said...

cuuuute! love it. :)

Becca said...

Hi Kristine!
Thanks for stopping by my place...your site is really cute! I like the way you edited the pizza pictures.
And what a neat story!
It is amazing and never stops being mind-blowing when God hears our prayers. Thanks for sharing!