Friday, June 11, 2010

me? 23?

my birthday was on thursday:) i'm 23! it doesn't feel much different than 22. or 21. in fact, i still kinda feel like i LOOK like i'm 16. at least-that's what i get alot at school. oh well...i don't know why they think that.

to start my birthday off, i drank my coffee and colored while listening to K-LOVE. talked to my family on the phone and enjoyed the quietness of the morning, because everyone else in the house was asleep.
[silly me. this is me as a mermaid. i look cute with a tail, don't i?]

so are you ready to see what this sweet man got me?
my husband's birthday surprise for me was this! eeee! A 12.2 Canon Rebel xsi.
i squealed. for like ten minutes straight. because it's a rare occasion for him to surprise me completely with something i absolutely do not expect. (because i usually figure it out.) but this time- eeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
i've been playing with it, but still am figuring out all the settings and stuff. i don't know if i'll get the hang of an SLR camera! But i like the challenge!
this crazy gal was here for my birthday.
she's my newest seester!
and she let me take numerous pictures of her to test out my camera:)
so, they are not anywhere near their full potential. and the whole crisp and vibrant picture is a work in progress-but i'll let you see my progress learning how to use this camera by posting pics. hehe we'll see. for now, i'll just have fun pushing the buttons and hearing the cha-chik sound that the shutter makes.


Becca said...

Aw, you got a camera!
That's so neat...I'm jealous! Can't wait to see the pictures you take, and the whole process of figuring it all out!

ilene @ muchloveilly said...

soooo excited (ahem and jealous!) of you. but hey, my lil rebel is coming next week. i think i'm going to die waiting for it!!!!!!! once i get it, we can learn together. :)

Kristine said...

thanks becca!:) i'm definitely having fun trying to figure things out:) i love your edited pics:)

Ate, I'm excited for you to get your rebel! can't wait to see your pics!