Friday, April 2, 2010

not "your welcome," but "my pleasure!"

loooooooove having Easter break with the sun shining brightly! what a boost it gives the entire town of Storm Lake to get rid of snow and say hello to mr. sunny sun. Ryan and i have been happily enjoying this beautiful break together-although, my poor man is dealing with a lil bit of sickness that had started this past week with awful allergies. we are making the most of our days together before work starts once again. we took a mini trip out of town to Sioux City and went shopping!

here I am the last nite, contemplating all the wonderful possiblities of shopping-oh the things that i could add to my home!

shopping usually weighs us down, and we need some motivation to keep going. back when i lived at home, mom and ilene would have to bribe me to keep moving by feeding me-treating me to coffee drinks, or snacks throughout the day. now however, ryan and i bribe ourselves to keep going. we saw a familiar red and white cup of a dear southern fast food place, and as we turned the corner the heavens opened up and a light shone in front of us as a hallelujah chorus sang out!!!!!! Chick-fila has landed in the midwest!!!! oh what a treat to have a little bit of a southern reminder. I usually avoid fast food, but chick-fila is one place i happily welcome.

i finished off one of the "i-am-bored" crafts. I wanted to fill in that boring empty space in the kitchen, so i made a bulletin board for pics, verses, and reminders on! it's simple, but it works for now and covers up the hospital white wall.

oh, and one last exciting thing! I've been looking for a cookbook stand. i am loving the cooking part of being a wifey, but bending over and crookin my neck over my cookbook while i'm cooking hurt. so when i saw this, i was ecstatic and immediately added this to my shopping cart:)
yay! no more crooked necks!
what a fun day!:) and blogging about it at the end of the day is always a treat for me!

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