Saturday, April 24, 2010

no makeup day


i woke up today feeling pretty icky. headache, stomache ache, freezing cold, and all that good stuff. so i took a nice hot shower, threw on a cami, shorts, and my rainbows, and threw my big comfy robe on over it all.
usually i can't stand sitting still, but today, i welcomed it. the gloomy day, rain hitting the ground, and appropriate attire, just made the day cozy and restful.

ryan and i are transitioning to his new responsibilities in the church. lots of prayer apart and together about the things that are coming about. a new opportunity popped up for me a few weeks ago and this past week, i got to learn more about it. we're in serious prayer about it. God continues to stir out hearts with the doors He opens.

healthy eating has become yummier for me as i have gotten creative with salads and found alternatives to dressings. switched to good fats and added avocados and a lil cheese, and then sprinkled it with lime juice and salt and pepper. mmmm....yum yum, good.
last week, i taught sunday school to 5 non-english Karen (from Burma) kids. i ditched the sunday school lesson that i wrote out about the beattitudes and taught about Jonah instead. To see if they understood anything i said, I had them draw pictures of the story...this is what they came up with. it made me smile.
ever since the beginning of our relationship, ryan and i established date night each week, every week. i always have and still look forward to it each week. We do anything from board games to bike rides for date night, with one thing consistent-it's the one night i don't cook. Ryan works it out every date night, and that's another thing that is just extra special our date nights. He makes date night just as special for me as if we had just started dating. I love that we've set that time aside for just him and me, and nothing else: no work, no phone calls, no one else-just us. since being here in storm lake, we've settled on monday nights as our date night.

Well, this past date night was kinda eventful. We settled on having pizza and then going on a bike ride to the lake. Ryan packed our gloves and baseballs and football in his back pack and we played catch.
beautiful day.

after all the throwing and catching, it resulted in a painful finger jam. my pinky finger got crushed and bent in a strange way from the football that my strong husband winged at me. i'm a big baby when it comes to pain and i crumpled over and started whining. needless to say, after my dramatic pinky incident, we laughed at the whole thing-even though pain was shooting up my hand from my lil pinky! who would have thought such a tiny body part could cause that much pain. ryan taped it up, and i wore my war wounds proudly:)
the kids at school asked me what happened to my pinky, and i told a few of them i'd lost it somewhere in the school (cuz it was bandaged in a way, where it looked like i only had three fingers), and they would look at me with total disgust on their faces (and then i'd laugh and tell them the truth). Some of the older kids wanted to know how i'd hurt it and i said, "playing football." I got advice from some kids that said, "Oh, ms. BB, that's why ladies don't play football!"

sorry kiddos. this one does:)
it was still a fun date night-i got to see my husband's care and love with how he listened to my whining and hugged me when i held out my hurt pinky, even when i didn't want him to touch it.

[shhhh...getting hurt or being sick is more fun when you're married. cuz even more sweetness and compassion comes out, and if you're like me, you kinda just roll around in it:) i love to be babied by my husband.]

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