Sunday, April 25, 2010



a year ago today, we never would have thought we would be where we are today, doing what we're doing. so many God-things that have popped up.

God thing #1: Being brought to Storm Lake, IA as Youth Director of a dying church

God thing #2: Finding a perfect lil place for us to live in - right underneath very well-known Jehovah Witnesses in our community, and right beside more of the Jehovah Witnesses. Sometimes, at the same time we're having prayer meetings in our basement apartment, they are having their own JW meetings. Crazy cool how God works, isn't it?:)
God thing #3: Open doors that we only prayed for, did not look for: Good News Club, Fellowship of Christian Athletes, networking relationships, Intervarsity College Ministry, guitar, my job at the public elementary school, etc...

God thing #4: Provision of finances- God meets our needs, but He is also the one choosing our needs. Our needs are only that which God chooses to meet for us.

God thing#5: the people we have come across, met, and are growing relationships with.

God thing #6: our marriage is healthy, growing stronger, and more fun than we could ever have imagined-founded on Christ and His Word.

God thing #7: the prayer support from our friends and families.
we've been blessed this past year. and God has been gracious with allowing us to serve full time in ministry.

today, Ryan took the responsibility as pastor of First Baptist Church in Storm Lake, IA.
God thing #8.

God, please do your will in this town.


lindsay said...

Kristine, that's so exciting! It's been so neat to hear all that God is doing in y'all through marriage and where you are. He's so good! Praying for y'all :)

Ryan and Kristine said...

thanks for your prayers lindsay:) we appreciate them!