Sunday, April 18, 2010

ins and outs

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of the brandenbergers:
we have been practicing healthy living

healthy living consists of:
well-balanced meals
playing together
exercising/working out
prayer together
lovin' each other
being active
reflecting on God's greatness
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so much is happening in our lives, and we're so excited about it!
Summer is coming and we're pretty happy to be outside, running, playing and biking. in fact, biking has become our number one choice of enjoyment-especially when it's sunny and warm outside.

let's see, where to start.
Discipline in our lives has become a beautiful priority in our lives. our time in the day seems to multiply, when you discipline your self in all areas of the day.
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[stopped on our bike ride to swing in big person swings:)]
discipline spiritually:
Since rooming with ilene, I'd gotten into the routine of waking up at a time each morning that allowed me to do my devotions without rushing. that is my most favorite time of the day, because i have my cup of coffee, Bible, cuddle blanket and my thoughts and time to process and pray while everything is still.

We've been prioritizing our times in prayer together as well. Ryan has been doing his devotions early in the morning, usually at the same time i'm doing it, and after we're both done, we use that time to pray with each other. our time together in prayer as deepened our time together and enriched us as a couple. I count it a blessing that we have prioritized prayer in our marriage, early in life, and have been consistent in it. As busy as we are now, i can imagine how much busier we will be in the future marriage years of children, schooling, and work, and allowing this priority of prayer to press into our marriage now, gives us a confident expectation of discipline to stay in prayer, even when the further years approach. it has definitely made our lives together more refreshing than it's ever been.
our lives has becomes one-and it revolves around worship to our Savior:)
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[i thought it was a treat to see so many people out on the water today-fishing and boating! ryan kept warning me not to scare the fish away]
physical discipline:
Keeping ourselves in line physically started off difficult, but now has actually become fun. The winter months were alot harder to want to go to the gym and work out, but our hard work has paid off-and as the sun is getting brighter and warmer each day, it has become easier to exercise and enjoy it. along with working out, we've been spending alot of times outdoors, biking, walking around the community, playing catch or basketball-anything that gets us outside and moving.

eating well-balanced meals has been fun too. I love coming up with creative ways to feed my man well. Packing our lunches in the morning for work is kinda a treat for me. I like piecing the meals together and then opening it up at work to eat it-mmm...i like food:) We're eating everything we used to, but we're eating a good sized portion, as not over indulging in snacks and treats. We are being generous in our food intake with the fruits and veggies, but we have not forgotten the meats, dairy, and grains-after all, we love food! and good food! but we've also switched from white to 100% whole wheat and/or grain and choosing all natural or organic. I'm really liking this whole being healthy deal-it's kinda fun to do it, and i'm enjoying the nice change of clothing size:) i've lost 11 pounds thus far! (and without deprivation of anything i like!:))
[isn't this pretty? i was stunned when i took this picture-was not expecting it to look like this.]
We got rid of cable so that we could make the best of our times. too often, it was easy after a long day's work, to turn on the tv and stare at it. We found that it was affecting our time together, so we pulled the plug on it, so we could find more creative and productive ways of spending our time, rather than sitting in front of the tv. I like it. the shows we're following we're watching, but we're not just spending time flipping channels or watching sports all day. It's too easy to grow lazy sitting in front of the tv, and for me, it also drives me nuts to sit for hours and not do anything except watch tv. productivity and activity is definitely what i say yes too.

now with all this going on, we're happily enjoying what God places in our path. We are feeling healthier, and better, and more energetic. God's presence is evident, and we are witnesses.

[special marble with a very special story]
now this marble has a special story behind it, which will be for another time. For now, let me just use it as a symbol of the many open doors God has provided for ministry. He has given us an opportunity to ministry to a special person in our lives, and we will be asking you for prayer for it soon when we can share it.

another door God has opened, that we could use prayer greatly for-Ryan will be taking all the senior pastor responsibilities, starting tomorrow, as well as doing the youth director's work. the pastor of the church resigned, so until the church gets together a search committee, ryan will be leading the church. I will be doing alot of the youth ministry as well as my full time job, but we are very encouraged about the opportunity.

please keep us in your prayers!


ilene joyce said...

looove this post!!! makes me miss you even more. praying for you two!!!

Ryan and Kristine said...

thanks ate!:) we miss you ALOt too...whenever we go outside, we remember the fun sunday afternoons and summer days when we'd play outside with you and butler...thanks for your prayers!:)