Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Our first Christmas as a married couple was wonderful. Spent Christmas Eve and the next week in South Carolina with my family, and we spent the few days before Christmas Eve and stayed five more days in Kansas for Ryan's family. It was a complete quality Christmas break with the people we loved the most. Some of the very fun things we got to do were:

1.Spend Christmas Eve with my family with all our Christmas eve/day traditions:)

2. have our Christmas Campout in the living room with the family

3. Play Beatles Rockband-my parents favorite gift from us

4. Go out to Jade Garden-our favorite Sunday lunch restaurant
4. Squishy cuddle time in the back seat with all the Gamboa gals

5. Play with our Gamboa boy-Peyton
6. Grill Steaks and eat Shrimp with the Ryans

7. Drank coffee with my daddy and hung out with my mom:)

8. Hug and Cuddle with my baby boy, Pey.
9. Meet Alvin and the Chipmunks when we saw Holmes
10. Have a Brandenberger Christmas

11. and a Brandenberger new Years

12. Visit a 50's diner with mom B and Sis B
13. Celebrate Sis B's birthday with her a lil early!

14. Oh, and of course- I got to kiss my husband on New Year-that was a first!:)

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