Monday, December 28, 2009

Christmas travels:)

Christmas with Ryan has been such a blessing. I love knowing that we will get to spend Christmas together for the rest of our lives:) and we never have to be seperated during the holidays! This Christmas, for our first one together, we spent it with my family in beaufort, SC. It was such fun introducing Ryan to all our family's traditions and church family and friends and all the usual parts of Christmas. I love having family friends drop by during the Christmas times, with yummy sweet treats and great conversation. I love the Christmas service at the church I grew up in, and the joyful community that I know and love here in my hometown. It was Ryan's first warm Christmas, and first time introducing him to the unique traditions and ways of the Gamboa household:).
Tomorrow we leave to have Christmas with his family. Although I always have a difficult time leaving my family, I look forward to being introduced to my new family's Christmas traditions and getting to know them more! Whoo for stretching out Christmas! I'll update more with pictures and stuff from our trip, but just a quick update on life here in gorgeous SC. love to all! more later.

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