Saturday, January 9, 2010

I thought Chicago was cold-nothing compared to Iowa.

Our first winter together, we have now experienced two gigantic blizzards. I did not realize that a blizzard is like ten times worse than a a snow storm. It's not just COLD, its REALLY COLD. and the wind is faster and harder than anything I have ever experienced. For a gal that grew up in mostly all warm climates, this Iowa weather is WAAAY too cold for me.

This past week, I had work for two days, and the rest of the week, we stayed in our cozy lil basement apartment, eating lots of hot soup and grilled cheese (our most recent winter favorites...simple, but perfectly cozy for the wintery days we were having.) btw, if any of you have ever tried Campbell's Select Harvest-"Zesty Tomato Bisque" thatz my recent most favorite soup. We couldn't go outside, because of the dangerous wind, ice, and snow, so we had a nice excuse to enjoy the time toggether inside our apartment.

We had gotten a bunch of new games for the PS3 and the Wii from Christmas, so we had alot of fun having the time and excuse to actually play them! Little Big Planet is my current favorite game on PS3.

Not only have we had some fun together with video games, we've had fun playing board games, talking to the family, and having great conversations with each other. It's been great.

With all these freezing temperatures, all in the negative teens or twenties, today is our first warm day all week! 1 degree today, with a low of -2. yay:).

here's the way to the window of our basement apartment:) we have sunlight in our apartment once again!
huge mounds of snow everywhere.
yep, some of the snow piles were as tall or taller than Ryan.
I feel like a little bear hibernating until winter is over...come warmth, come!

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