Wednesday, January 20, 2010

"How can I keep from singing your praise..."

Thinking back...
This whole guitar playing thing has been a process for the past like eight months. I can't remember when exactly I started praying about it, but before last summer, Ryan and I both decided that one of us should learn how to play, so that we can provide music to worship in the ministries that we are a part of in the future.
So last summer, I started praying that God would provide some way for me to learn the guitar. I didn't know how I would learn, or where exactly this guitar would come from, but I prayed that I could be used to worship with others in Storm lake.

Well, Ryan and I got to Storm Lake, and I still have no guitar at this point. But I prayed that somehow God would work something out for me to learn, whether I'd have to borrow a guitar or buy a very cheap one. God had laid it on my heart that I should learn guitar-but I didn't know where that would be coming from.

I kept praying for an opportunity to learn guitar.

After moving to Storm Lake, we went to visit my old youth pastor and his family. This family has been great friends of my family for as far back as i can remember, and they live just an hour away from us. Being away from my family and friends, it was nice to know they were near by and we took a drive out to smaller-town USA, to see them.

Mr. Lou excitedly told me he had something for be honest, i thought it was food, like a pie or something yummy like that. haha. But when he took me to the dining room, he didn't point me towards the table, but towards something on a stand on the floor. It was his first guitar. The first guitar he got when God had laid it on his heart to learn how to play , when he did not even know how to do it, or even to sing-a time during his life that there was a need and he was willing to serve, even without the ability to play the guitar. But he did it and God has really used him in that ministry.

"Kristine, I want YOU to have it. I think God will really use this to expand your youth ministry that you will be doing in Storm Lake."

with that, he pulled out another guitar, gave this one to me, pulled out some sheet music, and showed me a few chords. I brought that guitar home that night, praising God for the answer to prayer, and have been teaching myself how to play.

I still am in awe how of God placed this guitar in my life. I can't even play it all that well yet. But He allowed me to go through a journey of prayer and trust, and through it, He made it so clear to me what He wanted me to do.

There are so many moments in my day that I stop and pray. This guitar is a physical result of prayer-a reminder to me that God hears me. Of course I remember that prayers are not always answered with shiny beautiful guitars, but I do enjoy the reminder every time I hold the guitar, or play it, that God hears my heart and desires, and answers prayer to His glory.

I thought I would share this with you, as I was sitting here practicing, with my guitar on my lap. My heart is warmed and encouraged when I think about God's ways, and the sweet soft reminders of his presence, and maybe this story will encourage you in your day of trust and prayer.

(mr. lou and i strumming it up at Thanksgiving.)

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