Saturday, January 30, 2010

Living life with my best friend.

It's been tough being here without friends. Working at a church with no one really younger than 50, working at the school with women who already have families, and no one really our age, I guess you could say, the young adults in the area are kinda scarce here. And yes, sometimes we wish we could have at least a couple friends that we could go to just hang out with on the weekends or evenings. I do miss my girlfriends and the crazy times we used to have. I do wish Ryan had some guy friends to watch sports with and get together with like he used to back in Chicago. But God is SO great. He gave us each other.

We got warned over and over again before marriage that the first year is the worst. That we'd get in fights, and find things out we didn't like about the other person, and would struggle and be challenge through the first year. We were told we'd get tired of being with each other constantly, and might need space, because of not being used to that much time with the other person. If anyone ever tells you this before you get married, well,

It isn't always this way. In fact, it shouldn't be. The first year is so exciting, full of joys that you never thought you could experience. You get to know and feel love the way that it should be. Marriage brings to life biblical love, unconditional, and it truly can be an example of how Christ's love to the church is. It is sacred, pure, and beautiful. The way God designed marriage to be.

Through the past almost six months of marriage, Ryan and I have been together ALOT. and i mean ALOT. We've had almost a week's worth of snow days inside our home, we've spent every single evening and weekend with each other (excluding a few nights when i went to chicago to surprise my sister),and we go and do everything together, and still we desire more time together. One might think with all the time we've spent with one another, we would get tired of each other. But like I said, God is good. He blessed us with each other.

And not having friends here has drawn us closer to each other. And in a way of blessing. When we do have friends, we will rejoice, boy will we rejoice:), but until then while we are meeting and getting to know people, both older and younger, we have each other. And it's wonderful.

Marriage has shown me love. and service. and pure joy. and lots of laughter. Life with my best friend is wonderful

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