Tuesday, January 19, 2010

New Phones, new number, new carrier

One of Ryan and my weaknesses is technology. When it comes to technology, we love all the new gadgets that comes out and we like all the cool bells and whistles that come out. So when we got a phone call from Sprint that told us we were costing them loads of money being in an area with no Sprint towers anywhere close, they recommended we switch to a different carrier, we jumped at the chance to get new phones.
We went out and found the best deal possible, and walked out with a new phones (i got the LG bliss and Ryan got the Samsung Caliber), new numbers, and a new carrier.
So, in case you're wondering, you dn't have our phone numbers anymore...I'll have to send you a text or something to give it to you!:) We both stayed up late last night playing with our new toys downloading applications and ringers and wallpapers, and seeing what our new phones did. It was fun:) Kinda felt like Christmas.

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