Friday, January 22, 2010

3 p.m. breakfast:)

MLK day, Ryan and I had the day off. Recently, Ryan has been digging through a bunch of his old stuff and came across some recipes he had gotten and prepared in Home Economics in high school, so he wanted to prepare a breakfast he knew how to make, Eggs benedict. He thought early Monday morning he'd get up and prepare this special breakfast for me, which i thought was absolutely wonderful. I love breakfast, and the idea of having breakfast cooked and served without me doing it was kinda exciting!

Monday morning my dear husband bustled around in the kitchen. And then left for the grocery store to get something he'd forgotten. CAme back and bustled around again. and then left to get something else he needed. He tested and tried and tasted and added and tested, tried, and tasted somemore:). By 2:30 my tummy was about ready to come out of me and find food on its'own, and Ryan prepared a plate for me. It was 3 pm by the time I had my first bite of the eggs benedicts, but boy was it good! I told Ryan how great they were-the best Eggs benedict I've ever had! (and truthfully, the only eggs benedicts I've ever had:)).

The breakfast was yummy and flavorful, but the best part was my husband's efforts to cook me breakfast! Sure, it took all day to cook it, but wow was it worth it. My husband was serving me in an area that he was not comfortable in or good at, but he was still lovingly serving and trying to cook.

p.s. he wouldn't let me do the dishes after them either!:) what a sweetheart!

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