Thursday, January 30, 2014

feeling rich

It's been such a rich week.
So full and encouraging and joyous.

I have been so thankful.
My days with my family have been so fun. This stage of life that Lux is in just brings so much laughter and hugs and kisses and her daddy and I can't get enough of that girl. 
This week I've thought so much to that moment when I found out I was having a little girl. At the time, my heart sank and I cried because i desperately wanted a little boy. 
Now, I can't even imagine what life would be without this little girl that has stolen our hearts.
We're so in love. 
She's changed our lives drastically and each day with her I try to memorize what she's like that day. 
What her smile is like, her chubby legs, her busy hands, her giggles, and words.

I ran across a former co-worker in the grocery store. 
She looked at Lux, who was happily "da da da da"ing in my cart, raised her eyebrows and said, "You're just staying home with her? You're not working anymore?"
I'm glad I don't look at my life like that. 
Just staying home.
I'm so thankful that I get to stay home and be a full time mom.
I adore being a part of Lux's every moment the past 7 months. I get to kiss her when she climbs things and falls, I get to figure out her likes and dislikes, I get to comfort her cries and be her hero when she's unhappy or upset about something. I get to play and laugh and talk to her in a silly voice and do silly things just to hear that contagious giggle and see those two little white toothies.
I get to clean, cook, and keep our home and have dinner ready for when Ryan gets home.
I love every aspect of being home with Lux and Alexio and the exciting celebration every time daddy comes home.
It's the best thing I've ever had the privilege of doing.

Lux and I have so enjoyed our time with friends this week too.
While living here in Storm Lake, I rarely had time to just hang out with friends. 
I didn't have the time or energy after work to cultivate friendships the way that I wanted. I was always so mentally and physically exhausted and would just want to go straight home, change my clothes, snuggle on the couch and not have any commitments after work; and if it was winter? good luck trying to get me to leave the house unless I absolutely had to.

Now, I have the chance to enjoy sitting on a couch, over a cup of coffee and talk.
I've had so many wonderful conversations with friends and have been so encouraged...and even in just this week alone. The week isn't even over yet and I've already been blessed with encouraging and meaningful times! I'm thrilled to get to spend time with women, from all walks of life, and enjoy their words of wisdom, stories, and laughs. 
I don't even mind leaving my house in the winter for a good time with friends!:) 

Not to mention that I've had some quality time with my baby's hot daddy. 
I love those days that Ryan, Lux, and Alexio start the day off playing and chasing each other around. And then seeing him with Lux, hearing their conversations, and watching her reaction to the things that her daddy does...just priceless.
Dinner time this week has been later in the evenings, because of meetings that Ryan has been at, so Lux has been in bed. which means we've been sitting at the table, talking, leisurely eating, and taking as long as we wanted:) And after it, we end the evening snuggled on the couch with Alexio, cups of coffee, and a tv show or two. 

My heart is feeling so full right now. 

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