Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Can't pick just you're gonna see a bunch.

So we went on our first walk to the park today.
the weather was BEEEYOOOOTIIIFUL.
we trudged through deep melting snow puddles and mud, to get to the park to play and swing.
Daddy met us there in between meetings and visits...
we were so happy to see him!

First time in a to say, she loved  it! 
We have a fast moving, thrill seeking, adventurous little girl, so i guess we shouldn't have been to surprised when the higher and faster we pushed, the bigger her grins were and the louder her laughs and squeals were.

Such a great first day at the park...
the weather is such a tease though! We're supposed to get a bunch of snow tomorrow.
Oh, well, we enjoyed it while we can!:)

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