Tuesday, January 21, 2014

7 months of "light" in our lives

Our little girl is 7 months old today.
I can't believe it.
This month had the most rapid changes in her development. I think every day I pulled out my iPhone to either record a video for Ryan to see or FaceTime him at work to show him stuff Lux figured out how to do while he was away!
It was also SUCH A FUN MONTH.
She's getting to be more active and energetic and alert and she responds to so much now!
I loved this month

Here are her 7 month pics...
She's actually sick today.
She's not really herself and isn't quite as smiley or energetic as usual...You can kinda see it in her eyes that she's not feeling good.
She still moves ALOT even though she's sick, and wiggled and wiggled all over, in between her runny nose and sneezing, so most of the 200 pics that I took were blurry. haha.

This month has come and gone so quickly.
She spent half of it in South Carolina and half here in Iowa...she's become quite the traveler. 

Lux has learned how to sleep through the night! After our doctor encouraged us to sleep train, we finally did, and after two torturous nights, she was sleeping through the night! Whooo! 
however, after 6.5 months of waking up numerous times in the night, mommy over here needs some help sleeping through the night herself. I have been trying for two weeks now, and still can't sleep through the night. 
any good tips out there?:)
Lux has had some fun play dates this month.
It's fun to see her actually interacting with others now, and playing with the same toys, and sharing cookies, and drinks...She is going to grow up with some sweet friends.
 She's kinda a ham. This is her most of the day.
She makes these weird little faces, and does this strange noise, and then laughs.
The only time I'm opposed to it, is when i'm aiming a spoon into her mouth and as I get the food in, she blows and makes a sound...and her food goes everywhere.
that's my girl;)
Her love for books is starting to ignite.
I'd been reading every so often to her, both it always ended the same...which the book in her mouth.
But recently, she's been interested in the pictures and flipping the pages! I've left her in the living room and watched her just flipping the pages and talking to the book.
My heart is happy.
I can't wait til she likes to listen to stories and when we can visit the library for a stack of books.
 So one day, she decided she needed to see all her toys in her toy box.
and pulled herself up.
I started freaking out when i saw her trying, and got a video of it, the very first time that she pulled herself up. She fell immediately, but since then, has developed amazing balance and confidence. She's  constantly standing up and bending her knees to go up and down and up and down.
 oh and this is just a cute pic of her on Christmas day.
i love her little toe in the pic.hehe.

My mom started this with lux and taught her to really jump. Lux used to just spin and spin and spin, and then try to walk in it, but she had never jumped until we were in Beaufort. My mom would always say, "Jump, jump, jump, so much energy!" and she'd start jumping! We still say it to her now, and she starts jumping:)
 this girl has learned to push up and crawl on her hands and knees, but prefers to army crawl for the time being. I think because she can get places faster. She's going through some separation anxiety whenever I leave the room, and so she crawls as fast as she can after me. Even in the kitchen. Which gives me more incentive to wash my floors more often than i do.
 Lux was my taste tester while i made her food.
I'd done it a few times before, but since traveling, it was just easier to peel back the gerber tops and feed her from that. But when I started giving her real table food, bits and pieces of ours, she totally preferred the flavor and spices, and I decided to start making her food again.
I love doing it, i just hadn't done it since before Christmas! I like knowing what all is in her food, and I like being able to flavor it to what she likes. 
We made cooked carrots, butternut squash, two different chicken recipes, and vegetables. 
It was fun, and she liked trying everything out! We use lots of italian seasoning, paprika, pepper, and garlic...I made crock pot chicken and roasted chicken. she likes both!
 Oh, we love Zac Efron in this house.
He saved us on our three day road trips. 
Lux loves three songs on the playlist. so we watch that over and over again.
 These three are currently her very most favorite toys. 
They sit on top of the bunk beds in her room, and whenever her daddy is in her room with her, they move and talk to her! She's utterly amazed, and talks, and laughs at them.
But when we go in the room and daddy isn't home, they just sit there and stare at her, and you can just see her face drop when they don't move for her.
They always play with them before bedtime, and Ryan tosses her up to the top bunk and she wrestles them down. It's the best time ever for her.
Here is a daily occurrence in our home. Lux loves loves LOVES her dog, but Alexio isn't too sure about her. She is constantly chasing after his toys, rawhides, blankets, and him. she just loves him so much! But when she learned to crawl, and started chasing after him, he'd always run to me and give me this look:

 Toys are especially interesting nowadays.

 After Lux grew TWO inches in a month, but only gained 8 ounces, our doctor suggested trying to beef her up...three solid meals a day, two snacks, and then in between all that, extra nursing, plus supplementing with formula. 
we are having fun experimenting with foods and finding new things to eat. 
she REALLY likes yogurt with fruit, especially blueberries. 
she loves cottage cheese on the side of chicken and veggies too.
and for snacks, we're doing a lot of fruits and gerber finger food snacks.

 and lastly, this pic is so sweet it makes my heart just melt.
I do the same thing to her practically every day, kissing her, smelling her baby hair, snuggling her, and eating up my baby girl being a baby.
it looks like lux is doing the same thing! except, her doll ended up with lux's slobber all over her.

Our Baby girl, 
Your time of being a baby is going too fast.
I never thought I'd see the day that you'd be big enough to sleep through the night, but here we are, and you're sleeping 12-14 hours each night now! You're laugh is contagious and your joy is unmistakable. We are continually praying for you to know the Lord at a young age, that He will be your personal joy and salvation and as you grow up, that your heart will be teachable and loving to others. 
I'm so thankful to get to spend every single moment of your day with you. I get to see the first time you do everything and celebrate all those victories with you. I get to hug you when you cry, and kiss those chubby cheeks when they are warm and feverish. I never imagined loving the fact that your daddy is so in love with another girl, because you have completely stolen his heart!We love you so much and our loves just grows more and more each day, sweet girl. 

Love, Mom and Daddy

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