Wednesday, January 8, 2014

6 months of "Light" in our lives

I have to apologize because I'm three weeks late in posting this...and to be honest, I can't remember all the changes she made between months 5 and 6, because i'm getting it confused with the rapid changes she's made between month 6 and 7! but I still wanted to post, for my own memory's sake. 
We left for Christmas vacation a day after her 6 month bday, so I didn't have a chance to post all these pics and narrate them. 

However, I did take a 6 month pic on the 21st (her monthly bday), so that at least is accurate!  She was much harder to take a pic of her this time around because she very recently had become mobile and wanted to move more than ever before. and I also didn't have much time since we were leaving for church, so I took a few shots and just now looked at them. (and realized how bad they were.) oh well.
and I did badly on remembering some changes that month, so the list this time is shorter.

this child does not like to keep still.
Ever since she learned how to move, she's constantly on the go.
The girl has some muscle on her, she's extremely strong too.

Here are a few pics of her month.
this is her during our 12 hour Black Friday shopping trip:)
she's a trooper;)
She was amazed with the high school orchestra in the library.
She's a total ham when it comes to the camera.
here she is waiting for her first candy cane.

she didn't really like it.
gah...i love her.

here's lux and her buddies, Caleb and Melody.

"Dis my fwend."

Oh, this month, she mastered the learner sippy cup.
it's her fave.

we celebrated our first "Christmas evening" as a family.
Since we weren't gonna be home for Christmas, we celebrated a little early.

Lux kept getting stuck between the slabs in her crib, so i put up some breathable liners.
doesn't help with her banging her ahead against the crib, but she isn't getting her legs stuck anymore!
She attended her first wedding that her daddy officiated.

I'm kinda bummed that I didn't have more to add to her 6 month post cuz i keep getting it mixed up with what she's doing now, but her 7 month post will be PACKED.

Anyways, this is our little girl.
She's lights our light up every single day. 
I can't get over that gummy grin and her pokeable cheeks.

Dear Baby Lux,
You get more independent each day. 
I can't help but soak up every moment that you need me. I love that you want to be rocked to sleep.
I love that you are curious about the world.
I love how active you are and that you are constantly moving-it makes me imagine the fun activities we will do as you grow up.
I love how snuggly you get when you want to sleep.
your mom and daddy adore and love you.
Praying for you daily our Beautiful little one.


Nicole Shea said...

She's so big!! Can't believe she's already eating chicken and beef!!!!! And wow, army crawling definitely an advanced tough little girl!

Ali Q. said...

Love our play dates together! I can't wait to see how the girls interact next time we meet now that they are babbling. Great post, Kristine!

ilene @ muchloveilly said...

i woke up to this post this morning - made my day! i miss my baby Lux so much already!