Thursday, January 9, 2014

traveling cross country with a 6 month old and a dog that gets car sick

Right after the Christmas eve service, we headed straight out of town to South Carolina.
we took a detour to Atlanta, GA to pick up my sister, so altogether it made it a three day drive home to my family for Christmas.
I was DREADING this travel, because our experience on an 8 hour drive to Kansas at thanksgiving was NOT good.

But somehow, Lux decided she was past all the screaming and crying and was absolutely wonderful for the three day drive! We couldn't believe it.
We think it had to do with her being more interactive and understanding more, so anytime we thought she was getting close to being fussy, we talked to her and played and sang with her and it kept everyone in the car happy.
that being said, we were all thrilled to get to Saint Louis for the night.
Lux had just learned to army crawl a couple days before, so she was anxious to get some practice at her new skills.
she and i shared a bed that night and she practiced her new skills all night long.
I spent the whole night pulling her away from the edge of the bed.
the next day was a ten hour drive to Atlanta, but we were so excited to be there and get to visit with Ilene's in laws.
We stayed there overnight and Lux enjoyed some hang out time with Miss Margaret.
They played together and explored her amazing Christmas village collection that lit up and had moving pieces and everything!
They played together all evening and morning while we were there.

Lux got to see her one and only Uncle for a little bit during that stay in Atlanta.
Aren't they cute?
It was Christmas Eve and we were 5 hours away from being home!
Ilene road tripped the rest of the trip to SC with us.
Her hubby, Ryan, couldn't make it cuz of yucky work stuff, but he was so gracious and sweet to send Ilene to celebrate Lux's first Christmas with us.
We're so thankful she got to join us! but we missed having him with the family.
Our homecoming was absolutely WONDERFUL.
There's nothing better than finally stepping in warm South Carolina where trees are green and jackets or coats are needed.
Lux didn't even wear pants getting out of the car.
How's that for grand?

It's completely melts my heart when I see my girl with my family.
Her Lolo and Lola rushed out towards the car when we drove up and practically forgot to say hello to the rest of us.
They made a beeline for Lux and scooped her into their arms, not to waste a second of time with their one grandchild.
I was so proud.
Both to hand my parents my baby, but also, that my baby would get to spend time with my incredible parents and sisters.
My mom, Lux's Lola, has the greatest expressions of joy when she sees Lux.
It's always so exciting.
Lux was 8 weeks old the last time they saw was a world of difference.
Here she developed an instant attachment to her Lolo, my dad. 
hahahahah, this pic makes me laugh every time.
Lux had an instant something with her Auntie Ash too;)
just kidding, she got over it quickly and adored her aunties.
There's something about bringing the three of us together that's just RIGHT.
God totally made sisters to be built in best's the coolest.
Lux got comfortable right away with the family and snuggled with Lola and Lolo all afternoon.
These two had many conversations as Lux snuggled with her Lolo. 
They talked about the news, and sports, and biking, and what she wanted for Christmas.

Our family's Christmas festivities starts on Christmas Eve and it's still one of the most fun and favorite days to me.
I love what we do and how we do it.
I was so excited that Lux and Ryan got to be a part of it.
We haven't been able to join my family for Christmas Eve for 4 years, so it was so special getting to do all our traditions with them this year.

I warned you, there would be a lot from the past month.
I'm gonna head to bed but continue again soon!

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