Sunday, January 19, 2014

only a few of the best things of being home

When I'm home, I'm brought back to my childhood.
My parents provide such a comfortable and welcoming atmosphere whenever we come home, and for some reason, my sisters and i click back into being kids again and enjoying our parents taking care of us.
Mom and daddy have always had beautiful servants hearts, and I think now as a grown woman myself, I recognize it and cherish the example they've set all our lives. 
When we're home, we definitely notice my parents' hospitality and love...everything from Daddy making each person their coffee each morning and night to mom's delicious home cooked meals. 

Anyways, some of the best parts of being home is the relaxing atmosphere.
Both Ryan and I feel like we can just relax and enjoy resting and sleeping. Lux is always taken care of by someone in the house, even early mornings:) 

another favorite part of going home is every morning, Lux heads to my parents room so I can sleep in and so they can snuggle.
 I usually don't end up going back to my room though, and my sisters and I pile onto their bed too, while enjoying morning coffee and news. 
It's so cozy, and all our lives, even coming home from college, or getting married, we become those little girls again and join mom and dad in their room. 
We're a big snuggly family, if you didn't notice. 

Another great thing is the weather...even in the dead of winter, we can go outside and run or bike or do whatever. 
Ilene and I went for a morning run (first run since I was like 3 months pregnant!) and it felt amazing. It triggered that desire to want to run...but then I came back home to the freezing temps of Storm Lake, and the desire went away. haha. 

Shopping with my family is like none other. 
We always hit up the mall when we visit.
My mom has a special gift of finding all the very best deals. like a $20 jean jacket at the children's place...but only paying 99 cents for it.
or finding Ryan clothes for like a fourth of the price...shirts, sports jackets, stuff like that. 
and lunch is usually included...and if Ilene is along, she'll buy you coffee.:-D

Another thing about being home is feeling comfortable with Lux staying with the family while Ryan and I go out.
Here's babysitting at it's best.
lol. Ash.
Actually, mom was the one that placed her down, asleep. and Ash just happened to be sitting there;)
I ran errands, went on dates with my husband, went out with my sisters, went to the movies (GAAAH! Catching Fire!!!!), and Lola and Lolo watched Lux all those times.

They even offered to pay for our next date, so that we could go out again.
Talk about amazing...the babysitters offer to pay for you to go on a date.
Ever since she was a newborn, Lola had a special effect on Lux...she can put her to sleep with no problem whatsoever...she's the Lux whisperer.

Grocery shopping with mom is always fun.
We all go, and just keep tossing the snacks and food we want to eat while home, in the carts. 
Like I said, we all turn into those kids when we visit home.
Mom always has food ready for us when we get there, and then we go grocery shopping with her every few days and stock up on goodies.
Snuggling with BOTH my boys is the best. 
I love getting to snuggle Peyton...and then Alexio competes for that attention.
Mom has the best breakfast.
then dad makes coffee.
and we sit and talk and start our day that way. 

And more family time over games.
This was over New Years.
We usually celebrate it with our good friends, the Cerrillos, but sickness took over and we couldn't do our traditional family game night.
So we borrowed some games and played as a family.

Late nights with Ashley.
Lux even got up a couple times and hung out with us in Ashley's room.
Ashley serenaded us with her guitar and some worship tunes.

the food.
We always have a steak night one night, and a seafood night on another.
and then all the fabulous meals mom makes in between.
we get spoiled ROTTEN at home.
Can you blame us for enjoying our visits so much?
We never feel like it's long enough.

And those are just a few things I enjoy so much about home.
Mom and dad create such a fun welcoming atmosphere.
I can't get enough of it.
I knew how special our family was as I was growing up, but now, I appreciate and cherish it even more.
I hope we can create just as wonderful a home for Lux and our future kids to grow up in, as my parents did for us...

Our crazy fun family.
Lolo, Lola, and Lux Ann.

I can't get enough of it.
They're so sweet together.
The kids, minus Butler, ilene's hubby.
I realize I have barely any pics with Lux.
I'm usually the one taking the pics!
So this one is SO special to me.
one of the few special moments:)
our family!:) 

OH and a couple cute bonus pics of my daddy and my daughter.
Makes my heart just melt with happiness.

Two weeks post Christmas break...
can you tell how much I want to go home again? 

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Ginger said...

You are so blessed....and your parents are unbelievably cute