Sunday, December 15, 2013

Cold outside, warm inside

I thought it'd be really cool to start traditions with Lux, since it's her first Christmas...
She may not get the concept of it all, or even remember it, but still, i think it's all fun to have her do this stuff and take pics. Then when she's graduating from high school or getting married or whatever, she can look back to these pics and remember that she's been doing traditions from the start.

Ryan used to deliver Christmas treats with his daddy while he was growing up.
It's one of those memories that he really cherishes about his dad and Christmas. 
I thought it'd be cool for him to start that tradition with his own little one.
When I mentioned that the two of them could go and deliver the treats to our surrounding neighbors on our street, he was excited to continue this tradition with her!

I thought we'd do something simple, but fun this year, especially since Lux was not totally into the Christmas project. She was in a very snuggly mood and did not enjoy sitting in her playpen peering through the mesh at her mommy who was singing and dancing to One Direction. She preferred to be held and wanted to see what I was doing up close and personal. 

So we did muddy buddies.
Simple but fun...and super yummy.
I think I gained like five pounds just from testing it.
Someone was really curious about what was going on.

This is one of the few moments that day that she would let me set her down.
excuse the excessive drooling...she's teething.
Finished product...
This is what made it into the tins...the rest I ate.
I had help though, ryan and one of his mentees did some snacking too!
then i made a second batch...and a third...and a fourth.

Lux was beyond thrilled to play with the tins full of treats.
She thought she should cover the tins with kisses before delivering them. 

Here she is all bundled up and ready to deliver treats! 
She got a little too warm and let us know how she felt.

and i know that it's a tradition for the two of them, but i couldn't resist following along to take pics...which didn't turn out too well on my phone. but i captured the moment anyways!

So here's to many years of sweet family tradition-especially this one that involves a daddy and little girl!
they only made it to four houses cuz it was cold, but we've got two more tins to deliver to be done! 
Merry Christmas neighborhood!:)

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Ilene Joyce said...

So fun and suh a good idea! While you're delivering tins, have Ryan and Lux come my way. Those muddy buddies look so good!