Monday, October 21, 2013

4 months of "Light" in our lives...

Alot has changed this past month. 
She is very interested in toys and reaching for them. Most of all though, she loves chewing and sucking on her brightly colored books and toys. 
Her favorite toy is the giraffe which you see on the side of the picture.
Her Aunt Kate made this stuffed giraffe when Lux was born and now that Lux is old enough to play with toys, she especially LOVES this giraffe that we affectionately named, "Birdie."
I sent these pics to her Aunt Kate with these captions and Ryan loved it so much that I thought I'd share it with you. 
It makes me smile:)
Just recently, as in the last three days, Lux has been sleeping with only one feeding through the night:) She's sleeping 7 1/2 hour stretches, and then another 3-4 hour stretch after that. Now, mommy isn't exactly sleeping those stretches body hasn't adjusted to her only waking up once a night yet, so I'm constantly popping up thinking she needs to eat! 
I keep praying that this sleeping progress will stick...however, now that I shared the success of the month, she probably will wake up a few more times tonight;). Just kidding. 
Her naps are more predictable now, and I'm learning how to tell when she's tired and ready for another nap. the past couple weeks, she's been spending her morning naps in her crib, and her afternoon naps with me on the couch. LOVE it. We snuggle together under a big fuzzy cozy blanket, and sometimes I'll nap with her, other times I"ll put her down and get some stuff done.
Mommy and Lux (and Alexio) enjoy the day together while Daddy's at work. In the day we do alot of playing, snuggling, napping, cooking, cleaning, and walking. We try to do a four mile walk a day, but it's getting colder, so we may not be doing that to much longer. 
Staying home with this girl is such a blessing...I'm really thankful to get to see each smile, each cry, each get the picture;).
 Of course, when daddy gets home, Lux is all daddy's. I've never seen such a mushy daddy in my entire life.
He loves this girl so much and it oozes out of him. it's incredible what this little girl has done to him!
Sometimes I catch him watching videos of Lux or flipping through pics of her that he's got on his phone...especially after she's gone to bed. It's like he misses her when he's gone all day and when she's sleeping.
The two of them like to look in the mirror and fly towards it. She gets a huge kick out of it when daddy flies or around or pretends to drop her. He also started bouncing her on his knee and singing "pony girl," a song that his mom used to sing to him when he was a kid. She loves it.
(Although, she used "Pony boy" on him. haha)
Lux and mommy enjoyed a playdate this month with our friends, Miss Ali and her kiddos, Caleb and Melody. It's fun because, she's starting to notice other babies or kids and watches them with great interest. She talks and talk and talks to her friends.
A few other things from month 4:

- She does not like sudden loud noises that startle her

-She loves loves LOVES to be upright and jumping in her jumper

- She desperately wants to sit up...any chance she gets, she's doing little crunches trying to sit up. Which makes sitting in her carseat carrier a little unbearable for her. She's not liking being strapped in in a reclined position-she wants to be sitting up.

-Around 5pm, she, Alexio, and I put music on in the kitchen and dance real crazy like while cooking. Ok, so I dance real crazy like while cooking. 
Lux watches and laughs at me while I dance and sing. 
Lol, it gets us through her fussiest time, cuz she's too busy watching mommy to fuss around.

- Whenever I place her on her playmate on her back, she flips over to her tummy so she can see...and then when I place her on her tummy, she scoots around in circles...she never stays put in one spot!:) She's gonna be on the go and curious about everything, I'm sure.

- She's identified mommy and daddy and can see quite far to make sure we're still around. Lux eyes us from across the room and her eyes follow us where ever we move just to make sure.

-drumming on her diaper butt cracks her up.

-She still LOVES Alexio, but Alexio isn't too sure about her anymore. She's reaching out to him and while "petting him," grabs his fur and won't let go. I've had to pry her little fingers off of Alexio and she always ends up with a fistful of his fur. He usually just waits for her to be done, but the other day, she grabbed fur on his face, and the poor little guy cried until she let go. haha, they'll be best day.

Lastly, here's a pic of the three of us at a banquet for a local ministry here in our town. It was so enjoyable, and Lux didn't do too  bad!:) it was during her bedtime and she got a little fussy, but we traded off and held and walked around with her. She and I went to see the other baby, her buddy baby Charles, who was also being walked around in the back, and she talked and talked loudly to him. 
All in all we had a great time.
 Well, four months has already gone by with our little "light" of our lives...I can honestly say how much more fun she is each day. The more she grows and understands, the more amazed we are. She's changing and growing right before our eyes!!! It's crazy!

Dear Luxy Loo,
You continue to grow and change and amaze us. We fall more in love with you each day...your bright smile is contagious and full of energy! (especially for this tired mama!:)) We could stare at you and squeeze your chubby legs and cheeks all day long! How precious you are to us, sweet girl. We pray that you will continue to smile and laugh and have a contagious joy as you grow.

We love you, Lux Ann.
Love, Mommy

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NShea said...

It is so crazy how they grow and develop right before your eyes!! I swear when Jack woke up today he seemed so much more alert than yesterday! He also always loves to be upright, but still hates tummy time. And Jack is all Ben's too when he gets home from work, he misses him so much all day!!