Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Happy Fall, Ya'll!

Life as a new mom is starting to feel normal.
I'm getting the hang of things maybe a tad bit later than other moms, but I'm finally getting there!
Lux and I are spending the days together, and each day seems to be more and more fun as I get to know my little girl better.
It's definitely different than what I expected as a mom, but I enjoy each waking moment I have with her. (notice I said waking...this kid doesn't like to sleep;))

I could go on and on talking about sleep with this little person.
I've tried and researched all I could about teaching her how to sleep...and I've tried everything to help her do it.
But needless to say, nothing has worked.
She loves her bedtime routine: Bath, lotion, pajamas, nursing and rocking and snuggling while I sing lullabies to her. 
Experts and friends say that the bedtime routine is key to getting her to sleep through the night; we've been doing the same thing with her since we brought her home from the hospital...but she's still not getting the idea that she should sleep longer than 3 hour stretches.
one night, she did a 6 1/2 stretch, and only woke up once in the middle of that, but put herself back to sleep.  I was so excited-but she hasn't done it again fact, she went back to waking up every hour to every two hours after that!
I'm really pretty tired most days and long for the day that she decides to sleep. (or for the day that I see my mom and she can watch Lux while I sleep!;))

I am so thankful though, that even though she wakes up so often, she always wakes up happy. She's always SO happy when she wakes up, whether she slept for ten minutes or three hours.
She talks and talks and talks and gives me this huge goofy grin as if saying, "See? I'm awake and so glad to see you!"
Lol that grin is probably the only thing that keeps me from going out of my mind from lack of sleep.
She isn't a huge eater. Every other feeding she'll eat a lot and then the ones in between she usually just snacks for about five minutes. Alot of times I can't look down at her, because while I'm nursing, she stares intensely at me...and the second I glance down at her, she lets go, gives me a huge grin, and says, "Heeeh."and then her lips form into "words" and she starts talking. 
She cracks me up...I think she's gonna like to talk like her mommy.

Tummy time:
We were at Ryan's mom's house in Kansas when Lux decided to roll over form her tummy to her back.
I was just saying to them how she likes to flop around like she's flying during tummy time and doesn't do much else.
Right after saying that, she flipped from her tummy to her back. She wanted to prove me wrong;).
And then last Friday on her 14th week birthday, she was watching the Today Show, when she flipped from her BACK to her tummy!!! and then she flipped back to her back! whoo! you go girl!


On her feet:
Lux prefers to be upright opposed to laying down or sitting or on her tummy.
If she can be on her feet, she's happiest.
We got out the jumper that Lola got her and even though she technically isn't big enough for it yet, she is still enjoying it and jumping away.
And when she isn't jumping, she's staring at her shadow...and going around and around and around...

Oh, and she's started 3 months old.
Can't say we're ready for that yet!
She has her moments that are worse than others...and usually when it's worse, she's sticking her hands in her mouth and gnawing as hard as she can on them, drooling like a St. Bernard, and fussing. 
I've been sticking her pacifiers in the fridge and she's been chewing on those for comfort.
Here's a pic of one of her difficult moments...She was having a rough time because she hasn't gotten the hang of chewing on toys...she just freaks out and wonders why mom's shoving a big cold thing in her mouth.

So that's been our fall so far.
I've been searching high and low for pumpkin spice latte creamer at the store and today I finally found some! 
I'm excited for everything that fall is bringing...and i love thinking about our little home and family all cozy and warm on a chilly autumn day. 
Love getting to spend my days with Lux (and alexio:)). 

Happy Fall to all ya'll!


Nicole Shea said...

Jack already loves sitting or standing too! But he still hates tummy time and I have been horrible at making him do it! That's so sweet that Lux always wakesup happy...Jack pretty much always wakes up crying, but he just started to stop crying when he hears that I've come in his room. I love it, it's like he knows I'm there and he's going to be ok. My niece got her first two bottom teeth right before three months!! Crazy!

ilene @ muchloveilly said...

these pictures - gaaaaah, in love! lux is the cutest baby ever. already counting down the days till christmas!

Emily Fledderjohann said...

I love looking at your pictures Kristine! Lux is a beauty! Just wanted to let you know that Audrey was the same way when she was a baby. Never liked to sleep and would only if I nursed her or was holding her. I also tried everything under the sun and nothing seemed to work. We finally had to revert to letting her cry it out, but probably not until she was about 9 months old did we try that. But it did work pretty well. Being a new mommy is so rewarding, but yes you are right, it is EXHAUSTING! Hang in there you're doing a great job!