Thursday, October 17, 2013

Getting to know her.

Lux's personality is coming out ya'll.
and in a big way.
She's super smiley and loves to laugh.
But she also likes to let you know how strongly she feels about certain things.
She's very vocal about not wanting to be strapped in her car seat or if she does not want to be laying down-she'd rather sit up or stand up.
She "talks" ALOT. 
like alot alot.
Even in the middle of the night when she wakes up, she's talking.
She does alot of grunting, screeching, squealing, and cooing.
We love when her lips try to form "words." 

Things that make her smile or laugh:
-when daddy flies her around
-when alexio is running around and playing
-when mommy changes her diaper and says "ew!!!"
-when we turn the light on in the morning and pick her up
-dancing and singing to the theme song of "New Girl"
-drumming on her diaper
-looking in the mirror
-when she's nursing and i talk to someone else and she thinks I'm talking to her

each day I get to know her a little bit better.
She's a snuggler, especially for naps.
She and I take an afternoon nap together on the couch.
I love it.
If I don't answer the door anytime between noon and 4, she's probably zonked out in my arms and I can't get up to answer.
I'm sure one day she'll grow out of napping with mommy, so I'm gonna eat up this time while I can.
She wakes up SO happy in the morning...her gummy smile has replaced my cup of caffinated coffee to wake me up. 

We've only had 3ish months to get to know each other, but her daddy and I can't get enough of that huge grin, giggle, and deep dark eyes.
she's fun to get to know.


Ginger Garner said...

She is beautiful.

Ashley said...

she is absolutely a cutie! definitely out beats any gerber baby by far! love that she's already a talker - i envision lots of friends and slumber parties at the brandenburger household :)

kBr said...

Lol that's funny because I imagine the same! That'll be fun having girly sleepovers!

ilene @ muchloveilly said...

aaaawwww - one of my favorite posts yet of my little niece. love her!