Sunday, September 22, 2013

3 months of "Light" in our Lives:)

Lux's personality is really starting to come out.
She's really quite expressive and loves to smile and "laugh"(with no sound;)).
She has already been in 10 different States and has become a really good little traveler.
She is intrigued with sparkly things; especially Daddy's wedding band and watch.
She's made a whole lotta friends in her three months and can babble and talk to them while raising her right fist to emphasize her points.

She's not sleeping through the night, but she's sleeping about 3 1/2 to 4 hour stretches, which is a big improvement from when she'd wake every hour. her longest stretch was 6 1/2 hours, and I was definitely hopeful for the next time to be the same, but it wasn't. Lol. Just keep waiting for that night;)

In month 3, Lux went on her first walk with a boy, Baby Charles, whom she actually never met, because they were never awake at the same time.
One day they'll get to talking and playing together though! Until then, their mommas enjoy talking while on a walk:)

 Lux has many moments of contemplating whether or not to reach for toys.
Most of the time, she decides it's not worth it, and would rather wait for mommy to stop persuading her to reach for the toy and bring it to her. 
She isn't too interested in the toys though, but hams up big time when someone is talking to her shaking the toy...but she's mostly interested in the person rather than the toy.

(here she is deciding whether she should reach for the toy or not.)
 She decided not to, but was instead, much more interested in what mommy was saying.
 Here's lux spread out on my lap watching America's Got Talent...
Unfortunately, she has figured out that big rectangle in our living room with moving pictures and sounds and especially loves watching football with her daddy.
But this pic is actually of her sadly looking the other way from me after mommy clipped her finger nails...and missed her fingernail:( 
it was the saddest scream cry I've ever heard...and i apologized over and over again wanting to cry myself for inflicting pain on my baby girl.
 Mommy and Lux go on walks everyday.
This was Lux's first walk in cool weather, but she got all bundled up in pink and enjoyed the cool crisp air as she fell asleep.
 and this pic cracks me up...
Alexio always tries to snuggle in the blankets and will drag blankets all over the place and lay in them.
However, I don't think he realizes that Lux was snuggled under this blanket taking a nap...
They stayed this way about an hour.
 Lux had her first playdate with two little girls only a month older than her, Annibelle and Melody.
We are hoping these three girls grow up to be dear friends, so frequent playdates are in order as they get older.
However, only two babies were awake at a time, the entire would fall asleep, the other two would wake up, and they all kept rotating to who would fall asleep.
I didn't get a pic of annibelle while there (cuz I was snuggling with her when she was awake and didn't grab my camera), but here's Lux with Melody on the playmat.
Lux noticed what a pro Melody was at reaching and making those toys move! 
She just stared in amazement and let Melody do all the work.

 Ok, so this is a rarity.
Lux never naps in her crib.
But this day, I set her in there while i dug through her dresser and took out all the clothes that she had outgrown (I have a whole box and bag of clothes that don't fit already!).
While I was working in there, she fell asleep listening to "Gold" by Brit Nicole which is her FAVORITE song ever.
It's kinda our secret weapon whenever she's exhausted and cranky and can't fall asleep...we whip out "Gold," and Lux immediately stops crying and falls asleep.
Though we are SO SICK of the song, we're thankful that we have that secret weapon.
And there we have it.
3 months of pure delight and bliss for this stay at home momma.
I love seeing her gummy grin, her deep dark eyes, and her expressive face.
She's getting chubbier and chubbier and when I wake up to nurse her in the middle of the night, i can't help but stroke her chunky cheeks and wrist.

Oh and she's liking this Bumbo seat which makes her look so cute sitting up like a big girl!
I pray for this little girl everyday and am so thankful to be her mom!

Dear Luxy Loo,
      So thankful to have had these three months with you. I love how you're making new friends and smiling and laughing and letting others enjoy you too. You light up the room when you walk in, and everyone notices you. I pray that you will have a joy instilled in you that is contagious to others and that people will be drawn to you because of Jesus Christ in your life. I love you more and more each day and can't get enough of your sweet darling smile.

I love you, Mommy


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She is SO adorable!!! I wish her and Jack could go on a play date!!!

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