Tuesday, October 8, 2013

just what i needed...

This past saturday confirmed alot for me.
It was the first one that felt "normal" if that makes sense.
It was the first saturday where this we stayed in our pajamas, shut the front door, relaxed and watched football and netflix.
And all the while, Lux was totally a part of it, chilling with the rest of us and enjoying the coziness of a cold, wet, autumn Saturday.

She fell asleep for her naps on the couch, in the coziest corner, surrounded by pillows and laying on top of the best snuggle blanket ever. 
Her daddy would sit next to her working on his laptop, and she'd stare at him and smile and gurgle...until she'd fall asleep! This little girl is in LOVE with her daddy! 
For two of her four naps, she'd smile at him and slowly drift off to dreamland...
it was really really precious.
Alexio always tries to claim the softest blanket out, and sometimes, i don't think he realizes that she's underneath her little fuzzy blanket...and he makes himself comfortable practically on top of her-and cozies up as close to her as possible without squishing her.
I loved spending the cold day indoors at home with my little family.
I loved that we all just kinda lay around and relaxed together, with baby girl included. 
I love that Lux loves to be around us and would rather fall asleep on the couch for naps, than in her crib all alone. 
I love that she interacts with us alot more now and smiles and laughs at us.
I love that we got to catch up on our tv shows together and that I got to snuggle with my dog.

It made me so excited for Saturdays to come.
Saturdays that Lux'll one day jump in our bed and snuggle with us til we get up.
Maybe she'll watch Saturday morning cartoons while I cook a big brunch and drink coffee with my husband.
I loved getting a glimpse of this new "normal" where we have a little person that is just involved with our day as we are.
It was encouraging and exciting and relaxing...
Just what I needed:)

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Nicole Shea said...

That is so cute how she's all snuggled up on the couch!! And I know what you mean-I CANNOT WAIT for Jack to come in bed with us early in the morning and snuggle! Well I can wait because I don't want him to grow up, but it is definitely something I look forward to!