Wednesday, July 24, 2013

1 month of "Light" in our lives:) Lux is a month old!

Well, we've reached one month!
One whole month! Where has the time gone?!? 
Here are her some of the 80 somethings pics I attempted to take of her...
she doesn't sit up too well yet, and notice her bored expression...I can just imagine her thinking, "there's this big ole circle on my belly and my mom keeps clicking that things at me."

Hahaha, and here was the very last shot I took of her. She was either really really ready to be done with the photo shoot, or she was concentrating really hard to fill her diaper.
One of those two...;)

    We love you so much! You've filled our lives with a joy we can't seem to express enough! You've done a great job sleeping at night and you're catching on to sleeping in the day for naps! We're so proud of you and your sweet smile, big ole belly, kissable cheeks, and your adorable cry. Each day with you has gotten better and better-you're becoming more alert and so much fun! You can hold up your head for minutes at a time, and your heads sways back and forth as you try to balance it up...kinda reminds us of a bobblehead;). You're super special and we pray daily for you...that you will grow to know the Lord and be a LIGHT in a dark place. We're so glad you're ours!

Love, Mommy


Jessica said...

she's sooo precious!! Happy 1 month Lux!

ilene @ muchloveilly said...

well, hey it's hard work being a baby so cut her some slack! ;) loooove these pictures esp the big smiling one! gaaaah - 1 month already?!

Ginger said...