Saturday, June 1, 2013

Summer breaking time!

This week, school ended and we are out for the summer!
The past couple days has been wet and dreary, so honestly, it wasn't feeling like summer vacation and I spent the day in my house, puttering around, trying to figure out what to do. I'm a girl that likes structure and routine and I'm trying to decide if i should get myself on a specific schedule or if I should just enjoy the time that I dont have to get up and can take my time doing whatever I feel like...because in 3 weeks, a lil girl will be ruling my schedule:) 

As we wait for Baby BB's arrival, this lil guy is unsuspecting to who is going to show up in the next few weeks.
He's still pretty unaware of his little sister's arrival; in fact, he thinks that big bulge in front of mommy is an extra step up to her face. 
Oh and btw, we celebrated his 1st birthday this month:)

So, at 37 weeks, I'm feeling pretty huge.
Baby is full term now and could actually come whenever she feels like it:)
I'm trying to walk alot and do some manual labor...trying to speed up the process of her deciding it's time to show up:)
Life feels a little slow right now, as I'm too big to do the normal summery stuff that I'd usually be doing if I weren't pregnant...ya know, like hanging out in a bathing suit by the pool all day, running and biking all over town, or swimming in the lake. I suppose these are things that I technically could do, but really, who wants to see my big oversized belly in a swim suit? Please, I'll shield you from that image.:)

It's been kinda nice keeping the house clean and keeping up with household chores. 
When I was working, I'd come home, stare at the laundry pile, and then find my way over to the couch to put my feet up. 
I really like keeping things clean and tidy and I'm finding myself actually enjoying the tasks that I'm doing.

I do, however, need to find a hobby.
I went to the library to get a summer reading book, but then stayed up all night til the wee hours of the morning, finishing the that didn't last me too long.
I need to get a summer reading list together, because I'm itching for some good books to keep me entertained and occupied for the next three weeks of waiting for her arrival.

Now that it's June, the reality of Baby coming is quickly hitting me:) Her room is kinda ready...she just needs some decor on her blank white walls...which, isn't essential, just nice to have. But her crib, dresser/changer table is up and ready, her Rock and Play is ready for her to sleep in, and a spontaneous surprise of the high chair and car seat we registered for landed on our front steps. Really, this girl is already so blessed, and she hasn't even met the people who already love her!:) 

Anyways, I have a feeling ya'll will be hearing from me more often now...maybe with pointless blog posts, but something that'll occupy me for a few minutes and give you something to read in these summer months. 

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Aubrey said...

Congrats on your wonderful little girl... I know she isnt here yet but enjoy the quiet while you can... My baby boy is almost three months old and growing fast.... You will be a great mom.... Lots of love...